Stepping Out in Faith 1.0

Have you ever been skydiving? I haven’t had the opportunity yet. However, I did experience indoor skydiving several years ago. It looks easy. The instructors brief the group on the basic techniques and hand signs to communicate adjustments needed as you dive. My bride went first between the two of us. She was perfect. She […]

What to Do When My Faith Falters

Last week, I shared three reasons from Genesis 12:8-13:4 why our faith falters (Read It Here). I wanted to share today some practical steps to take to recover when our faith falters. Regardless of age, race, income, marital status, etc., there will come a day when we struggle in our faith. I am grateful that […]

Three Reasons Our Faith Falters

Regardless of where we are in our faith journey, there are times when our faith falters. Those moments when we walk by sight and not by faith. The Bible does not encourage us to stumble but it does encourage us when we do. Throughout the pages of the Bible, we find great heroes of the […]

Something Greater

Have you ever settled? According to Acts 7:2-4, God came to Abram when he was younger. But in Genesis 11:31-32, we find Abram stuck in partial obedience. He was obedient but with reservation. Abram was on his way to the Promised Land, the land of Canaan. Things are going great. But then it says that […]

Prepare the Way – Day 7

Easter Week Daily Devotionals

Seeking God for the Gospel For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.”  2 Chronicles 16:9 Often times in our mailbox we receive a flyer with the information of a lost child.  It always grabs my attention.  It typically reads, “Have you seen […]