13 Daily Reminders I Need from God’s Word

I am created with care. – Psalm 139 I am known by name. – Isaiah 43:1; John 10:3 I am pursued with passion. – Romans 5:6-8 I am cleansed by Christ.– John 15:3 I am robed in righteousness. – Isaiah 61:10 I am welcomed to the wedding. – Revelation 19 I am privileged to pray. […]

The Hope of God’s Promise

In Genesis 18:9-15, the Lord reminds Abraham of His promise that he and Sarah would have a son. The original promise came twenty-four years prior to this encounter. I am sure that after all that time there were moments and seasons, where Abraham felt that the Lord had either forgotten His promise or changed His […]

Getting Ahead of God

In the words of Tom Petty, “Waiting is the hardest part…” Now that song is in your head. You’re welcome! Waiting is hard. We don’t like to wait in line. We don’t like to wait at a traffic light. If we are honest, we don’t like to wait on the Lord. The reality for a […]

Stepping Out in Faith 2.0

Monday I shared some challenges we face when we step out in faith (read more). The amazing news is that when God calls us to step out in faith and we take that step, we are not alone. In the midst of Abram’s faith struggle, the Lord reminds Abram of who He is and what […]

Stepping Out in Faith 1.0

Have you ever been skydiving? I haven’t had the opportunity yet. However, I did experience indoor skydiving several years ago. It looks easy. The instructors brief the group on the basic techniques and hand signs to communicate adjustments needed as you dive. My bride went first between the two of us. She was perfect. She […]