Weekend Reading – Sept 7 Edition

I am not necessarily a great reader. As a matter of fact, my wife says I’m a better scanner than reader. However, here are a few articles I found interesting this week. RELATIONSHIPS How to Connect with Anyone You Just Met in 5 Questions SPIRITUAL GROWTH 10 Ways to Put God First 3 Ways to […]

Friday Fun Facts #48

I know it’s Saturday, but there were still some great fun facts yesterday. Enjoy! The Hudson River along the island of Manhattan flows either direction depending on the tide. An ostrich may weigh as much as 300lbs. Humans feel thirsty when their body loses 1% of water. A snakes eyelids are transparent. Red paint is […]

Top Songs We Sing 1.0

The next several weeks we will be experiencing a 15-Day Life Action Revival Summit. During this time, the Life Action team will be leading us in worship and every aspect of our church life. We cannot wait to see what God is going to do over the next three Sundays at Salem! In light of […]

Weekend Reading – Aug 31 Edition

As I shared last weekend, I have begun a new post series featuring the articles I found interesting this week in my reading. Maybe these will spur up thought or conversation around these varied topics. MARRIAGE & FAMILY When kids make early decisions (great read!) Married to an unbelieving spouse? Healthy expectations for those in […]