Friday Fun Facts

What would a Friday be without a few fun and interesting facts? The tongue is the only muscle in your body that is not connected to something at both ends. The bigger the orange the sweeter it is. Koalas are native to Australia. Male sea lions may have more than 100 wives and sometimes go […]

The Songs We Sing

I am already excited to celebrate Jesus’ activity in our lives this Sunday with our Salem family!  We will rejoice with several who are going public with their faith through baptism! And we will gather to sing praise to the Lord!

Seasons of Sickness

The last few weeks, the Lord has allowed me the opportunity to come alongside some friends and families who are walking through a season of sickness.  Here are ten verses from the Bible that serve as both encouragements and reminders when walking through a season of sickness. As he passed by, he saw a man […]