The Songs We Sing.39

What a humbling opportunity we have to give praise to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. I hope these songs will prompt you in your personal worship as we prepare to worship as a church family this Sunday at Salem! BONUS VIDEO…

Finding Balance in Life

Every area of life constantly changes. Just when it seems life is calm something or someone changes. And most are surprised, frustrated, and irritated when it does. Change often brings conflict and conflict brings stress. Maybe you have experienced the challenge of finding balance. All is well in your life and family and suddenly a […]

Friday Fun Facts.39

It is hard to imagine we are fully immersed in the month of May 2019. It seems as though this year is a fast journey. We might as well enjoy it with a few fun facts for this Friday, May 10th! The average bank teller loses $250 every year. The Amazon rain forest produces half […]