Helping People Who Are Stuck

We are walking through a 15-day revival Summit with Life Action Ministries.  I have been reminded that there are seasons in life when everyone feels stuck. Sometimes people feel stuck in their jobs. Sometimes people feel stuck in their finances. Sometimes people feel stuck in their marriage. People can become spiritually stuck. Everyone can relate […]

4 Reminders from a Wedding Message

This past Saturday, my daughter and son-in-law celebrated their one year wedding anniversary. I had the unique joy of not only giving my daughter away but also officiating their wedding.    In the wedding message (highlight video below) I shared four things that most couples do early in the relationship. As time goes on, each […]

Do you know a high-voltage person?

It is not uncommon throughout the course of a day or a week to encounter “difficult people.”  Those people who are high-voltage and it does not take much for them to shock and hurt others. A lesson the Lord is continuing to teach me is that I must learn to deal with difficult people without always […]

How do I deal with my anger?

Do you ever get angry?  Angry at the person who cuts you off in traffic?  Angry at the choices someone else makes that wounds you or those you love?  Angry at yourself for your own choices? Over the course of the last year, one of the most frequently searched topics on my blog is anger. […]