Weekend Reading – Sept 14 Edition

For anyone who has had a busy week like me, it is easy to put reading to the side. However, I found these articles worthy of the read. Some of them encourage while others challenge. Have a great weekend! SPIRITUAL GROWTH Wisely Handling the Book of Proverbs What Does It Mean to Walk by the […]

Guarding with Gumption

I was making my way home from church Sunday afternoon.  Across the road I noticed a small sparrow dive-bombing a black bird.  I was humored by the scene.  As I proceeded, I realized the small sparrow was guarding her nest with great gumption.  I was so occupied with what was taking place I slowed down […]

How to Pray for People

Have you ever wanted to pray for someone else but did not know exactly how to pray? Most of the time when we pray for people we either pray general prays (Lord, please be with…) or we pray for their health when they are sick. But how do we pray for people consistently as God […]

Do you know a high-voltage person?

It is not uncommon throughout the course of a day or a week to encounter “difficult people.”  Those people who are high-voltage and it does not take much for them to shock and hurt others. A lesson the Lord is continuing to teach me is that I must learn to deal with difficult people without always […]