Friday Fun Facts #48

I know it’s Saturday, but there were still some great fun facts yesterday. Enjoy!

  1. The Hudson River along the island of Manhattan flows either direction depending on the tide.
  2. An ostrich may weigh as much as 300lbs.
  3. Humans feel thirsty when their body loses 1% of water.
  4. A snakes eyelids are transparent.
  5. Red paint is the cheapest color to make.
  6. Did you know 45% of people use moutwash everyday?
  7. On that note, gargling in public is against the law in Louisiana.
  8. On average, 90% of the people that have Lupus are female.
  9. Sales of antacids increase by as much as 20% the day after the Superbowl.
  10. Frogs never drink. They absorb water through osmosis.

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