Friday Fun Facts #25

This week has flown by for me. But that shouldn’t keep us from learning a little random trivia. Here are this Friday’s Fun Facts…

  1. Volleyball was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan.
  2. John Milton used 8,000 different words in his poem, “Paradise Lost.”
  3. The tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body.
  4. The Lone Ranger’s “real” name is John Reid.
  5. Studebaker was the only major car company to stop manufacturing cars while making a profit on them.
  6. Catfish have an odd number of whiskers.
  7. In Las Vegas, it’s against the law to pawn your dentures.
  8. The Chinese invented eyeglasses.
  9. On this day in history, the Civil War began in 1861.
  10. The Gmail logo was designed the night before it was launched.

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