Friday Fun Facts #23

Spring is definitely in the air in East Tennessee! We are in the midst of some gorgeous weather. But it is Friday, so a few fun facts are in order.

  1. “Karate” means “empty hand.”
  2. With tax season upon us, did you know that in ancient Egypt some people paid their taxes in honey?
  3. If you add all the numbers from 1-100 consecutively (1+2+3…) it totals 5,050.
  4. Albert Einstein was unable to speak fluently until after he was nine years old.
  5. Playing cards in India are round.
  6. The largest pyramid in the world is not in Egypt, but in Cholulu de Rivadabia, Puebla, Mexico.
  7. The word “verb” is actually a noun.
  8. A group of kangaroos is called a mob, troop, or court.
  9. Rain falls, on average, at 7mph.
  10. Bald Eagles are not bald.

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