Friday Fun Facts

The weekend is upon us and for those of us in Knox County the beginning of Spring Break. Here are a few trivia tidbits for Friday, March 15, 2019.

  1. According to the old English time system, a “moment” is one and a half minutes.
  2. The Kool Aid Man as originally known as “Pitcher Man” when we was first introduced in 1975.
  3. March 15, 1493, Christopher Columbus returned to Spain after his first voyage to the New World.
  4. Frogs absorb roughly half of the air they need through their skin.
  5. The distance from Honolulu to New York is greater than the distance from Honolulu to Japan.
  6. According to a national survey, 72% of people eavesdrop.
  7. The ice cream cone was introduced in 1904.
  8. Cows do not have upper front teeth.
  9. The surface area of the earth is 197,000,000 square miles.
  10. No word in the English language rhymes with “month.”

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