Connecting with Others

Regardless of wealth or fame, if our friendships are poor life is generally miserable. Happiness is largely determined by our ability to connect with others and enjoy relationships. When Jesus began his public ministry, one of his first acts was to form a small group of men (Matthew 4:18-22; Luke 6:13).  Jesus spent the majority […]

The Songs We Sing

What a precious privilege we have to sing praise to the Lord because of what Jesus accomplished on the cross! I am looking forward to worshipping Him as a family of faith at Salem this Sunday morning through these songs we sing. BONUS VIDEO… (A song playing continuously in my truck)

The Hope of God’s Promise

In Genesis 18:9-15, the Lord reminds Abraham of His promise that he and Sarah would have a son. The original promise came twenty-four years prior to this encounter. I am sure that after all that time there were moments and seasons, where Abraham felt that the Lord had either forgotten His promise or changed His […]

Friday Fun Facts

Friday is not only the last day of the week. It is also a great opportunity for a few fun facts. Albert Einstein never learned to drive a car.  “Dreamt” is the only word in the English language that ends in “mt.” The Russian space station Mir means “peace.” Wrigley’s Gum was the first product […]

The Songs We Sing

I always wait expectantly to worship with our church family and friends. We will explore Genesis 18 from God’s Word and the reality that He is our only hope! These are the songs we sing this Sunday in worship at Salem! BONUS VIDEO (a.k.a. a song I’m enjoying in my truck)