Prepare the Way – Day 4

Easter Week Daily Devotionals

For Opportunities to Share

He replied, “Whether he is a sinner or not, I don’t know.  One thing I do know.  I was blind but now I see!” John 9:25

What is the Lord doing in your life?  Have you told anyone about it?  Within this passage, we find the Pharisees questioning the man who had been healed of his blindness by Jesus.  They were trying to discredit and disprove the work of Christ in his life.  The blind man offers a simple and honest response.  He essentially says, “I’m not sure who He is or what He has done but thing he knew was that Christ had changed his life forever.

One of Satan’s primary tools is that of deceiver.  He has deceived many followers of Christ to think that they can never share the gospel with another because they do not know all the answers.  God wants to use the story of what He has done in our lives to impact others!

In his book, The Ways of God, Henry Blackaby writes:  “Those whom Jesus Christ dwells live right next to the lives of others who are broken, hopeless, and helpless.  That is because Jesus Christ, who is perfect love, flows out to others through the lives of those who know Him and know His love.  The ‘salt’ of a Christian’s life is the person of Jesus Christ.”

Pray Today:

Take time to submit to the person of Jesus Christ today.  Pray for opportunities to speak a word on His behalf into the lives of others.  Invite someone to join you for Easter @ Salem this Sunday!

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