Slippery Rocks

This past Sunday at Salem, we wrestled with the reality that there are times when we feel like there is no reward for living an honorable life.  As a matter of fact, the Bible reveals that this is a concept that people have struggled with literally for centuries.  Psalm 73 is one such passage where we see this at work.  It was when the Psalmist spent time with the Lord, that He revealed the slippery rock principle in Psalm 73:18.

Have you ever tried to cross a stream, walking on rocks just beneath the surface of the water, covered with slippery moss? Maybe you haven’t, but you’ve watched someone try. You know how it goes. People start trying to cross a stream, they’re walking very slowly, choosing stepping stones very carefully.

Then partway across, they lose their balance a little bit, or they take a giant step from one submerged rock to another. And their foot slides over the slippery green surface of that next rock, and well, you know the rest of the story. It has something to do with a splash. Well, the moral of the story is quite simple. Walk on a slippery rock long enough, you’ll eventually fall.

Now, the writer of Psalm 73 is agonizing over people who are far from God who don’t give a care in the world about honoring or pleasing God with their lives.  The psalmist says, “How can these people be faring so well? How are they getting away with it if there’s a holy God in control of everything?”  That’s a fair question.

God whispers to the psalmist, “Don’t envy people walking on slippery rocks. Don’t envy their lives because they are one moss-covered rock away from disaster.  I imagine that most people reading this blog know the area where we are walking on a slippery slope.

My encouragement is to get off the slippery rocks today. Take God’s hand and walk toward being true before Him and with his help keep your hand in His and your life clean!

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