Friday Fun Facts

What would a Friday be without a few fun facts?

• Goldfish lose their color if they are kept in dim light or placed in a body of running water, such as a stream.

• Giant Huntsman spiders have leg-spans up to 12 inches.

• 21,978 when multiplied by 4 is the same number in reverse order 87,912.

• Yugoslavia is bordered by seven other countries.

• Ever thought about why we drive in a parkway and park in a driveway?

• The movie Cleopatra in 1963 cost $28 million to make.

• Maine is closer to Bermuda than Florida.

• The English word “comet” comes from the Greek word “kometes,” meaning long hair and referring to the tail.

• There are approximately 7,000 feathers on an eagle.

• The Arctic Ocean is the smallest in the world.

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