Friday Fun Facts

  • Calvin Coolidge was sworn into office by his own father.
  • In honor of cold weather, -40º Celsius is exactly the same as -40º Fahrenheit.
  • Only 52% of Americans drink coffee.
  • The first bar code was used on Wrigleys gum.
  • The standard blue USPS mailbox can hold approximately 4,000 letters at a time.
  • The three-syllable word “hideous, with the change of a single consonant, becomes a two-syllable word with no vowel sounds in common: “hideout.”  You’ve been informed.
  • The cheetah is the world’s fastest land mammal.
  • Alexander Graham Bell’s wife and mother were both deaf.
  • 22% of all restaurant meals include potato chips.
  • Cinderella’s slippers were originally made out of fur.  The story was changed in the 1600s by a translator.


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