Walking by Faith (Part 1)

"Faith is being sure of what we hope for, being certain of what we do not see." Heb. 11:1

How was 2017?  Hopefully there has been time to take an inventory from last year.  Have you considered all of the experiences that took place in 2017 no one could have expected?  There are some who never could have dreamed the new and exciting things they experienced this past year… new baby… new car… new relationship… exciting things.  There are some who never could have imagined the challenges of 2017 ahead of time… challenging relationship… challenging financial situation… challenging move… challenging seasons.  For some, 2017 was a hard year that was never expected.  It was hard because of a health diagnosis or a job loss or the death of someone dear.

So what about 2018?  What will happen in the fog of this year that you cannot yet see?  What is God wanting to accomplish through your life you never dreamed?

I’m challenged by Hebrews 11:1!  It is a challenge because it is far too easy to have faith when I can see what is coming ahead.  But when there is uncertainty faith often times falters.

Walking by faith is believing when I don’t see it. Some things have to be believed before they can be seen. The world says, “Seeing is believing.” God says, “Believing is seeing.”

What are you trusting God to accomplish in your life this year that only He can do?

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